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Since physical shops face stiff competition from online sales and big chains, it’s essential that independent shops provide flawless service to their customers. Since this type of shop implies great freedom of choice when it comes to products, prices, and how to manage the shop, getting feedback from customers is essential to quickly adapt to demand.

Clothing stores, specialty stores, and even little grocery stores: JeNote offers you an easy-to-use survey platform at an affordable price, so you can survey your customers and take their opinions into account in order to improve your business. You can create a custom satisfaction survey according to your desires to best meet the needs of your field or choose from numerous pre-made templates if you’re too busy. JeNote will quickly become an essential tool for your shop!

Retail survey template

Retail survey template

At a time when rating sites and social media can have a serious impact on a shop’s reputation, a survey system can rectify bad ratings and comments. Thanks to a questionnaire personalized by you, you’ll now be able to collect more specific feedback from your customers, analyze it, understand it, and solve the problems raised.

Accessible on all smartphones, the platform lets you monitor customer satisfaction in real time by receiving notifications whenever a customer has posted a comment. It also lets you quickly respond to a dissatisfied customer. It’s therefore a practical tool for managers who have to manage several shops at the same time and want to make sure that the employees are properly responding to customer requests. JeNote lets you save time, make specific changes to your business, and keep your customers satisfied.