Ensure the success of your meal delivery operation

Adapt your services to your customers

While the meal delivery market is growing quickly, so is the number of competitors. To stay in the race, hold onto your customers, and increase your market share, it’s absolutely necessary to offer outstanding products and service.

In the meal delivery world, communication with the customer is often very limited, and the situation doesn’t really lend itself to asking for feedback. The only way to know their opinion is to offer them a suitable, effortless method for sharing information about the quality of their experience.

Meal delivery survey template

Meal delivery survey template

To do that, there’s nothing better than a fast, easy survey that you can take in just a few seconds on your smartphone. Meal delivery establishments can now use a platform that lets them create personalized surveys. Your budget is no longer a reason to deprive yourself of this simple, modern, and effective tool.

Knowing your customers and taking note of their complaints and comments in order to improve your service lets you stand out from the competition and helps you both increase the loyalty of your existing customers and gain new ones.

Don’t wait for bad reviews to spread, and adopt the JeNote platform today to collect reviews at the source. Take control of your surveys, analyze the responses, and perfect your service!