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Adapt your services to your customers

Increasing customer loyalty while acquiring new customers is a daily struggle for an independent restaurant. The restaurant owner has to juggle prices and products and find innovative concepts to stand out from the competition and guarantee outstanding service.

It’s the combination of food and service quality that lets you hold onto your existing customers while bringing in new ones. However, while some dissatisfied customers won’t hesitate to make their unhappiness known during their visit, there are many who just won’t go back and who will discourage their friends from visiting the establishment, leaving the restaurant owner unaware of the problem. Some of the more virulent ones will post a negative review on review sites or social networks.

Restaurant survey template

Restaurant survey template

However, you just have to identify your customers’ opinions at the source to avoid these problems. Long reserved for the big chain restaurants, surveys – now taken online – have become more affordable for independent restaurant owners, who can now improve their service quality simply and easily.

With the JeNote platform, these surveys are fully customizable, and customer feedback can be collected in real time. It’s possible to immediately readjust your menu or inadequate service in the aim of limiting the negative impact of a bad product or service on your customers.

For a minimal cost, the JeNote platform lets you remain fully attentive to your customers at all times and improve your service. What are you waiting for? Try it free for 30 days!