How do you stand out in the fast food world?

Adapt your services to your customers

The interaction between the customer and the staff is brief and succinct in a fast food context, and it’s very hard to get an idea of the customers’ opinions. However, the competition between fast food restaurants is fierce, and it’s essential to gather feedback from your customers to ensure that you’re offering the products and services your customers expect.

There’s nothing like a fast and personalized survey to get to know your customers’ opinions, handle complaints, and solve problems. With the JeNote platform, this proactive approach is now accessible to all owners of independent establishments, who can personalize their surveys with ease and gather results in just a few clicks.

Fast-food survey template

Fast-food survey template

Collecting consumer opinions is very well perceived by the customers, who feel heard, since this action helps remedy the lack of communication inherent in the very concept of fast food. This approach also lets you score points against the competition and make the experience more positive for the customer, who will be more inclined to come back and share their appreciation with you.

JeNote lets you keep in touch with your customers and respond to their opinions in real time, even in establishments where every minute counts. Test it out for 30 days, it’s free and no obligation is required!