What are your customers really looking for in a cafe?

Adapt your services to your customers

Cafes have had to evolve over time to adapt to the changing lifestyles and desires of their customers. Today, they’ve become social spaces where you can share a drink with friends or acquaintances.

These days, the most popular cafes are the ones where the owners listen to the customers, both regarding the products offered and the service quality. Regularly surveying the consumers and improving the menu and the overall customer experience is no longer a possibility reserved for the big chains. In fact, all independent cafes now have the ability to easily collect opinions from their customers in just a few clicks thanks to the JeNote platform.

Cafe survey template

Cafe survey template

Very easy to use for both customers and managers, the JeNote tool lets customers take a survey on their smartphone in just a few moments and help improve service quality.

At a time when big coffee chains are dominating the market, independent cafes need to stand out now more than ever when it comes to their service quality and the little extras that only a neighbourhood cafe can provide. Remaining attentive to your customers in order to satisfy them completely will help keep them loyal and let you attract new customers.

With JeNote, independent cafe managers have a tool fully adapted to their profession: they can collect results from personalized surveys that customers can take in just a few moments, analyze this feedback, and take steps to improve their customer service. Try JeNote free in your cafe for 30 days and see the results!