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With the development of online markets, the competition between restaurants, including local businesses, now plays out on the internet.

These days, customers all use the internet, and they’re used to immediately providing their opinions on all the services they use in their daily lives. Online restaurant reviews are no exception, and everybody knows that dissatisfied customers are quicker to speak up than satisfied customers.

Restaurant satisfaction survey

Restaurant satisfaction survey

However, despite all the care that you put into your service quality, nobody is immune from making a mistake, and once a negative review has been published, the damage is done. Why wait for a bad review to make its way around the internet before responding?

With the JeNote platform, a restaurant owner can collect reviews from customers at the source and implement any necessary corrective actions while maintaining the anonymity of the people surveyed. The dissatisfied customer feels heard, thus limiting the negative impact of bad reviews.

JeNote is a platform that’s very easy to use for both customers and professionals, and it’s perfectly suited for the restaurant business. It lets you configure the surveys in a totally personalized way and without any special technical knowledge. Notifications and a results summary are regularly sent to you via email, and all the details are immediately compiled and accessible in real time on the platform’s virtual dashboard.