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The hotel industry is a line of business that requires outstanding listening ability with respect to your customers in order to make them loyal and ensure your reputation as a host. Highly courted, hotel customers are becoming increasingly fickle and fussy, and hotels are deploying more and more inventive seduction strategies to stay in their good books.

Hotel chains regularly survey their guests, but this approach is no longer reserved for them. With JeNote, independent innkeepers now have access to an affordable, easy-to-use tool that lets them create totally personalized surveys, just like the big chains.

Hotel survey template

Hotel survey template

Online reviews and ratings have a strong impact on the perception of a room’s quality and price. JeNote lets innkeepers adopt a proactive approach and prevent bad reviews from being posted online. Their overall ratings become better, which helps them capture new customers and maintain their prices.

With the JeNote platform, the innkeeper can understand the reasons why a customer is unhappy, handle their complaints before they wind up on consumer review sites or social media, and implement the required corrective actions. They can also discover bad qualities they weren’t aware of and improve their service quality.