5 Tips for Successfully Presenting a Dish

July 01, 2017

While we already knew that a visually appealing dish seems to taste better, these days, in the digital era of #foodporn, the look of a plate in a restaurant couldn’t be more important. In fact, the presentation of a dish is a table art thoroughly of our time that requires our vision to highlight a recipe and awaken the appetite.

Select your tableware with precision

From the tablecloth to the utensils, from the plates to the glasses, the tableware at your restaurant must be chosen with precision, since these elements mustn’t be left to chance or picked at random without any real connection. The tableware is the element you see first when sitting down at a table in a restaurant, and it’s also what you look at while waiting between two services. A customer must therefore be able to notice a harmony and a sophisticated appearance when looking at their tableware. To accomplish this, it’s best to choose solid colours, for simple and neutral tableware that lets the eyes focus on the food.

Use miniature tableware

Mini-dishes are an indispensable asset to make your dishes look more attractive and enticing. Whether it’s mini-casserole dishes, mini-tajines, or mini-ramekins for dessert, miniature tableware gives a sophisticated effect and suggests a refined dish. In addition, it ensures that your guests don’t feel underwhelmed by the amount of food, since, visually speaking, the bigger the plate is, the greater the amount of food has to be. It’s therefore best to privilege several dishes on mini-tableware over a single dish on a large plate to give added value to your dishes and to your restaurant.

Play with contrasts and plating

Colour contrasts, different ways of plating the ingredients, symmetry and asymmetry are tips for creating refined, dynamic plates. Without going overboard, it’s all about trying to make your favourite dishes on the menu real works of art to be contemplated. Orange julienned carrots positioned like a pyramid on top of green zucchini cut into thin slices… ultimately, anything goes with a little creativity. Experiment with each of your dishes. Each time they go out, dare to play around with the traditional presentation to dazzle your customers. This will surely make them want to come back to take new photos for their social media pages.

Place each ingredient carefully

Well before considering playing with colour contrasts and plating, you should always think about placing each ingredient in the right place on a plate. Indeed, the presentation of a dish will always look impeccable if you take the time to position the food rather than pouring it straight from your pans onto the plates. To place your food properly, begin by placing the ingredient you want to highlight (the most expensive one) at 6 o’clock – that is to say, closest to the customer. For meat, this also helps make it easier for the customer check doneness. Then be creative with the vegetables and starches.

Use accessories to create decoration

To create a light and graceful dish presentation and plate decoration, don’t hesitate to use moulds, cookie cutters, brushes, pipettes, and – of course – pastry bags. All kinds of moulds can help you create shapes, layer foods, and place them safely on the plate that will be transported to the customers. Brushes and pipettes, meanwhile, are perfect for placing sauces and juices in specific locations, where they’ll be most exquisite to the taste. Accessories are without a doubt your best allies for creating careful presentation and plating.