5 Basic Rules for Building Customer Loyalty

August 01, 2017

A successful company is unquestionably a company that knows how to retain its customers. A satisfied customer shares their experience, they come back, and they contribute to the brand’s good reputation. Are you wondering what the basic rules are when it comes to building customer loyalty? Here are 5 tips that will help you be appreciated by your customers.

1 – Offer good products

This may seem obvious to some, but it would nevertheless seem that this tip isn’t applied by every company! Whether you offer equipment or provide service, you have to satisfy your customers fully with quality products. To properly meet your customers’ expectations, be precise in the description of your products and demonstrate transparency. You also have to offer fair prices.

2 – Use satisfaction surveys

Are you not yet offering your customers a satisfaction survey? Beware: if they’re unhappy, they’ll find a way to share their anger. A dissatisfied customer shares their impressions more than a satisfied one… you therefore run the risk of having negative reviews of your business appear on Google and/or social media even though fewer than 5 customers have been dissatisfied out of thousands of sales!

An internal satisfaction survey offers several advantages:

  • You can improve yourself, since you know your customers’ expectations, joys, and disappointments;
  • You draw your customers to an internal survey, so the answers don’t appear on a public network;
  • You reassure your customers by proving to them that you’re interested in their opinions.

Once you’ve obtained the responses, you’ll be able to review them regularly to adopt new strategies, offer a better user experience, and provide quality services to your customers.

3 – Be present on different distribution channels

Today’s customers forage: they surf the web and move from page to page without dwelling on sites unless they find a real advantage there. Want to focus your strategy on building customer loyalty? You must be present on different distribution channels. It’s all about creating accounts on social media and being active there. You can also offer an application, if that seems relevant. On the other hand, and if your company needs it, make sure to be reachable by phone and/or Skype.

Twitter, Facebook, and newsletters are all channels that will help you not be forgotten: an excellent way to build customer loyalty.

4 – Demonstrate responsiveness

When you’re a customer, you undoubtedly appreciate that the company to which you’ve given your trust responds quickly if you have a question, a complaint, or a remark to make. As a company, you must therefore meet your customers’ expectations perfectly. Do you want to appear responsive in the eyes of your customers? In this case, it’s best to be able to respond within a few hours (less than 24, if possible).

5 – Stand out from the competition

You might think that this point reiterates the 4 statements above; however, to increase the loyalty of your customers, it’s preferable to make an impression. To do that, there’s nothing better than standing out from the competition by offering original services. It’s by offering your users a unique experience that you’ll succeed in convincing them to return to you.

The quality of your products, your responsiveness, your customer service, and the fact that you meet the needs of your customers are all factors that will promote your success.